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It’s been almost two years since my last relaxer. Thus far, I am thoroughly enjoying all the different looks now possible with my kinky locs. In this summer alone, I’ve rocked my fro for a bit, dyed it a light auburn brown, and tried out some senegalese twists. I sit here typing this now, my twists almost two months old with a good 3/4 inch of new growth, excitedly wondering, what’s next?

janet jackson - poetic justice

A trend I’ve noticed among some black celebs & models is the box braid high bun. Box braids (or singles) are single long braids all over the head. They were pretty popular in the 90s — perhaps most notoriously worn by Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice. As a kid with a mom that did not want to deal with my kinky curls every morning, I wore box braids for the majority of my childhood. At the time, I hated it. I wanted flowing silky hair, the kind that (living in a predominately white town) all my friends had. Braids made me different in a way that I was not yet comfortable being yet. Nowadays the more different I can be, the happier I am.

So when I noticed this 90s style becoming a hit again it gave me the idea to revisit my childhood and give singles another try. I notice that many give box braids a chic & classy look by wearing them in a super high bun. It looks wonderful, but I can’t help but wonder how they stand it! Whenever I try to wear my braids/twists up I get a painful head-ache. Do I just have a weak head or something?

Naturalistas – what do you think of the trend? Are you on the box braid band wagon?solange box braids

beyonce blue ivy carter box braidsKandi-Box-braids

box braids high bunsolange high bun box braidsbox braids model

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    I did my BC in April and loving it! I use to rock box braids back in the 90s too. I couldn’t wear them up for like 2 weeks, but once they loosen I could. I think when my hair grow out some more, I may do the box braid style again.

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