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Enjoy today’s guest post from UK-based  eco bag stockist Amspac.

As you already know, canvas bags have been around for a very long time in one form or another.  They are commonly known as canvas bags but are, on occasion, called grocery bags or shopping bags. Ultimately they are there for one purpose and that is to help the shopper transport their purchases from the store to their home.  The normal standard carrier bag is made from polyethylene which originally derives from a mixture of petroleum and natural gases.  However, in the early eighties the paper carrier bag started to make an appearance and become increasingly popular in replacing plastic bags.

In the later eighties/early nineties, the environment — particularly how we were damaging it — really started to change the way people thought.  People were more becoming more aware of recycling and in particular the ability to either recycle bags for use again and again or ultimately have their carrier bags produced from recyclable materials.  There were of course advantages to this method: they were very lightweight, easy for transporting and they required less energy when being produced.  On the downside, plastic recycling has always been known to be more problematic than paper recycling.

Aside from this, stores continued the theme of producing these canvas bags for the general public as they knew that it was a great marketing tool and being able to brand their own canvas bags to advertise their store name and make the general public more aware was a real draw.  This was great for a time, but because there were more and more issues and concerns being raised around the environment [causes of global warming, etc.] in order to make the public become more aware and start thinking about re-using the carrier bags as often as possible rather than disregarding them – the stores started charging around 5 pence per bag.

Now obviously if you have to pay for something then you are going to think twice about simply throwing it away for no reason – right?  As you would expect with some stores, this did cause a little unrest with customers so many of them adopted another plan of action which allowed a customer to buy a “life-long” bag – this was typically stronger than your average plastic carrier bag and was made to last for long periods of time.

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